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    (a) Public Relations & Counselling
    (b) Formation & Registration of Co-operative Societies
    (c) Conception & implementation of Projects
    (d) Management of Co-operative Societies
    (e) Promotion & Development of Co-operative Sector
    (f) Operation of Incentive Schemes for the Development of Co-operatives
    (g) Audit of Accounts
    (h) Disputes & Arbitration
    (i) Inscription of Fixed Charges
    (j) Release of Charges
    (k) Liquidation of Co-operative Societies
    (l) Consolidation of Co-operative Societies
    (m) Education & Training on Co-operative
    (n) Response to Enquiries
    (o) Response to Complaints
    (p) Accessibility to Officers
    (q) Time taken to provide services
    (r) Courtesy
    (s) Reliability of Services

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